Monday Night Football

Hello world, im back again with more news about football. At football today we had to dribble the ball through the cones my coach set up. When we got to the end we had to pass the ball to the person at the cone and when you passed the ball you had to sprint through the cones and shoot into the goalkeeper,called Olly.Then we all stood at a cone and the person who was at the top cone had to pass to the person closest to them, then the person who passed the ball to them had to stop it then turn around then pass the ball the person they passed to had to stop it, then the person in the middle, had to shoot into the goals. Then at the end we had a game of football my team won 4-4 then we went to penalties olly scored and ben mist But I scored then then the score turned 6-4. When I scored I got a piggy back from Olly. Before I took my penaltie My coach wille moved the goals back about 10 yds because I am the best player in my team.

I hope you liked my post.


Hello world im sorry I haven’t put any posts on my blog for a
long time. Witch is why I am puttuing one on NOW. Not
Long ago I started to play for a football team called Gairdock. We train on a Monday and a Thursday and play against other teams on a Saturday Morning. iT Is very fun. I love my football and my coach is called wille and because this is Thursday I am goig to football. Yeeeeeeyyyyeeeeeeeee! My sister is very unlucky as she as to stand in the cold for 1 hour. But its not to bad because she gets to go to Guides after words so Not bad. Hopefully I will be abale to put more posts on my blog for you guys, but for now I’ll see you later Bye bye.

What I did after school…

After school today I played on my X box and played outside, with my freinds Alfie, Joshua,  Jamie, and my big sister. We played football, and tig. It was fun. My big sister fell of my stunt scocter she hurt her hand, and her knee. But she was ok.